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Genres: action, political intrigue, low fantasy
Warning: Will contain gore and violence.

Synopsis: The King of Helitan has died, leaving behind a throne worn with decades of lies and corruption to his only son, Prince Christoph. Due to Prince Christoph's soft-handed rule, the king's previous adviser Icario takes control behind the scenes.

Only under the king's passing does a strange witch named Claire appear to a young knight, Kowen. After being framed for the murder of his wife, Kowen and Claire flee. With the protection of another kingdom, the two unravel the secrets of the dead king.


Main Story
(Last updated: 9/15/2014)
Outline: ~30%
Script: ~17% (first draft; first act)
BGMs: (total: approx. 28)

Concept Art

(Last updated: 9/13/2014)

(previous concept art, 4/12/2014)


On the Field by Butler


chocojax: writer, artist, programmer (website)
Butler: musician, idea bouncer